A piano cover made to the exact spec of your piano - guaranteeing a perfect fit and the aesthetics you would expect from a top quality piano cover...

Did you know it can cost what most people would consider a 'small fortune' to get scratches, bumps, chips and dings in your piano repaired?

A French polish alone can cost thousands!

You've selected or perhaps even been gifted / inherited your piano, had it delivered, given it pride of place in your home and now there it is - your brand new pride and joy - ready to respond to your every musical bidding - but you're not protecting it yet?

Why not?

We have heard dozens of stories about 'sticky fingers', water rings after parties, bleached wood from the sun, scratches from zips, studs on jeans, cats claws etc and every single one of these stories ended with 'if only'... you know the one - 'if only I'd done something about it sooner'!

Well now you can - with a ROQSOLID piano cover.

Our piano covers are popular with schools, universities, colleges, churches, music halls, studios, theatres, private piano owners - in fact anybody interested in preserving the beauty of their piano!

So who is ROQSOLID?

Well, we're a family business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and this is one of the things we specialise in - piano covers.

We've been around for nearly 2 decades - we started manufacturing removals covers around 2001 from a single room inside the current 3 unit area we now inhabit. We also moved twice into bigger units - Unit 8F and the Unit9 before needing more space and moving into Units 1G-3G where we are today. Come full-circle so a customer said the other day!

Nearly 20 years ago my late father Barry, my brother Lee and I (Bryn) put a few pennies together to purchase our first machines and we literally worked between this single room, Lee's kitchen at home, and a garage we rented to get things going!

Today - well we make removals covers, amp covers, cab covers, piano covers and we have a design and manufacture service working with packaging companies to help them get covers and bags their customers need, but can't get anywhere else.

So that's us in a nutshell - we're focused, driven, creative, straight talking and love results.

If that sounds like the sort of company you'd like to do business with, get in touch - let's get your piano protected!

Whilst we have an extensive and every-growing range of makes and models of covers on offer, if you cant find your specific make and model then we have help available HERE. 

If all else fails, you want to speak with us or get some advice, use our contact form - click the button below or use the chat link at the bottom right of the page.

Here's What Our Customers Think:

  • Image of C.G. (UK)

    Hi Bryn, just to let you know that my cover came this morning and have just unpacked it and put it on my piano and I am over the moon, than you so much it fits like a treat, I will certainly recommend you if anyone asks me who to get covers from. Thank you once again from one delighted customer, personal service certainly pays off. - C.G. (UK)

  • Image of H.D. (UK)

    Really delighted with the piano cover that Roqsolid have made for me. The whole process was easy from the initial phone call to receiving the paper to make a template which had easy to follow instructions. The instructions obviously worked as the cover is a perfect fit and is of lovely quality. I would certainly recommend this company. Thanks you so much. - H.D. (UK)

  • Image of P.P. (UK)

    Absolutely delighted! - P.P. (UK)

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